Time Poor

Not enough time. This is the reason I hear all too often when someone says they can’t train or stay healthy.  Now I know all to well at how precious your time is, and how most of us are in fact extremely busy for most of the week.  But I’m here to give you a home truth… time is manipulated by you.

You are in charge how you spend your time. We are all responsible for our choices, some of the time our choices are limited, but we/you are where you are today, right now, because of the choices you made.  Once you take ownership of this simple but absolute fact, the next part is easy.

Take my average day,

0450 I wake up and shower

0530 I have my first client & this continues for a few hours

0900 I try to eat

1100 I train myself (60 mins/90 if I can push into lunch)

1230 Emails, programing, business until

1600 Pick up my son from daycare, from then till 1800 it’s devoted to feeding him, bathing him and having a great time.

1830 My second lot of clients

2000 Home, eat, and try and get some reading in

2130 Bed

This is my life from Monday thru Friday. Saturday I only work for 2 hours in the morning.  Saturdays and Sunday’s are family days. My partner and I take our son out for breakfast, walks, and playtime in the park whatever we can think of.  It’s also our down time and a chance to catch up with things we missed during the week.  Most of the time when our son goes to bed we are both working, answering emails, programing or working on our business.

Before you say anything I do have a big advantage working in a training facility, but again, I made this life, this profession…this was my choice.  Now my partner works in the city and is media professional, her day consists of:

  • 0600 – get up, get offspring up, get him and myself ready
  • Feed Offspring
  • Out of the house by 0700 so I can walk our son to daycare
  • Get into work and start work at 0830
  • Lunch break 1300-1400
  • Leave work at 1730 (twice a week I run home)
  • Bath offspring with Kev – bedtime at 1900 for our son
  • 1900 – 2200 is free if I am awake, three days per week I train, if I haven’t run home from work (8km) I train at this time.
  • Sometimes I also do a couple of hours of writing or freelance graphic design
  • 10pm – bed

“I find the only free time is when Kev looks after Jax of an evening or weekend so I can train or potentially lunch breaks, but it’s all about making it fit within an hour, which can be tricky, taking into account women like to look well groomed at work, so you have to factor in the shower time etc…

I think the best use of my time has been swapping out some nights commute with a run home. This has used up dead time!”

It’s a busy life, but again I stress that we all have a choice on where to spend our time…you’ll notice that you don’t see any time allocated to “sit on your ass and watch TV”! If we have spare time we spend it on ourselves, meaning we read, talk, get a babysitter and go out to dinner, catch up with friends. We are busy enough with our own lives; we don’t need to be sitting on the sofa watching someone else’s life.

What about if you don’t have any equipment to train with at home or you can’t get to a gym for some reason? I travel a week out of every month for the better part of the year, some months I spend more time away than I do at home, this is not ideal, but I still commit to training 6 days a week. I make sure I move for at least 20mins a day. So if I’m in a hotel I go to the hotel gym, if they don’t have weights then I hit the treadmill or bike for some intervals, if there is no gym I do bodyweight exercises as intervals or find a hill close by and sprint up it a few times…if all else fails then see what your heart rate does after 10 mins of burpees.

Something is always better than nothing.

The simple truth is that you only have one chance at life.  Every day you waste, is a day you will NEVER get back. Imagine if you decided right now to train 3-4 days a week for the rest of your life, even if that means getting up 30 mins earlier and going for a run. Or better yet, rework your schedule so that you can train in a gym a few times per week. Imagine what you could do in a years time, hell in 6 months time! Now imagine if you don’t change anything…the choice is simple.

I’ll leave you with this quote from one of my favourite articles from Mark Twight;

Burn the bridge. Nuke the foundation. Back yourself up against a wall. Have an opinion one way or the other, get off the fence and rip it up. Cut yourself off so there is no going back. Once you’re committed the truth will come out. You ask about security? What you need is uncertainty. What you need is confusion; something that forces you to reinvent yourself, a whip to drive you harder.