On-line Programming


Programming is individually based and sport/athlete specific and therefore requires constant reviewing by coach and athlete. For any program to work it requires a certain amount of time for the physiological adaptations to occur this will depend on the athletes training age, nutrition, injury history, sleep and other internal/external factors. With this in mind the minim period in which we program for is fourteen weeks, however we aim to stay with our athletes for years not months.

Programming Options:

For all programming enquiries please email “Kev@98gym.com”

We apologise for the delay in our response in the last few weeks, we are currently upgrading our programming information. We are weeks away from launching our new program that will be running 365 days per year…aimed at building a base level of strength and conditioning, focusing on building a strong, robust and resilient body. The program is designed with performance in mind, perfect for field and tactical athletes.


Any questions please contact us and we will endeavour to get back to you as soon as we can.