On-line Programming


Programming is individually based and sport/athlete specific and therefore requires constant reviewing by coach and athlete. For any program to work it requires a certain amount of time for the physiological adaptations to occur this will depend on the athletes training age, nutrition, injury history, sleep and other internal/external factors. With this in mind the minim period in which we program for is fourteen weeks, however we aim to stay with our athletes for years not months.


Programming Options:

Individual tailored training packages to suit your goals –

Programs are designed after an initial consultation and can run from 8 weeks onwards. Programming is provided through an APP all clients can download for free; this allows daily tracking of progress and updates where needed.

Set Programs –

Not tailored to the individual, but based on specific goals and a good base to get you started. Set programs are all 8 weeks in duration, allowing for two blocks of training.

  • 8 week female conditioning
  • 8 week no-gear
  • 8 week running
  • 8 week strength
  • 8 week Skierg performance
Tactical Athlete Program –

This program is designed specifically for those men and women who belong in the category of the Tactical Athlete or want to train like one. Defence Force personal, Police, Firefighters & EMS have different and specific job requirements that require specific programming to meet their needs.

  • Strength development
  • Muscular endurance
  • Energy system development (ESD)
  • External load carriage (ELC)
  • Specialist/selection course programing
  • Injury prevention & rehabilitation
  • Longevity in your chosen career

The above points are all areas in which the tactical athlete may encounter over his or her time and to ensure a long and effective career they need to be programmed effectively.

Hard To Kill Program

As seen on Instagram. This online program will improve your speed, strength and overall conditioning. Delivered via an easy to use app, with videos, explanations.